Rapperswil, CH

Otarium Knie

Glazed stick-system construction in special geometries for the new event hall in the middle of the Kinderzoo.

Steinhausen, CH

Hapimag, Steinhausen

Glazed Facades with external metal cladding, Glazed Skylight. Generalplaner: Ghisleni Partner AG Projekt- und Baumanagement: Ghisleni Partner AG

Zürich, CH

Sanierung Geschäftshaus G27

Refurbishment with window facade and re-used aluminium cast cladding material. External sun protection with metal blinds.

Zürich, CH

Geschäftshaus Migros Kreuzplatz

Stick-system facades and skylight.

Biel, CH

Sanierung Kantonsschule Standboden

Refurbishment of the complete facade with a double skin unitised window facade and metal sun protection blinds inbetween.

Grindelwald, CH

Grindelwald Zentrum

external facades with externally positioned brise soleil as wood slats.

Castagnola, CH

Wohnüberbauung Archi di Luce

high level housing with customised glazing constructions in large dimensions and different geometrical shapes.

Landquart, CH

Business Center

window cladding with surrounding frames and external sun protection with blinds for office areas.

Ilanz, CH


facade elements at ground floor with entrance constructions; stainless steel sun protection blinds and sheet metal canopies.

Bern, CH

Dienstleistungs- zentrum Nautilus

glazed unisised curtain wall.

Horw, CH

iHome Lab

Motorised movable claddings formed of aluminium sheets.

Chur, CH

Café Merz Mühlbach

Glazed rooflight.

St.Moritz, CH

The New Carlton Hotel

Punch windows in wood-metal. Internal constructions as fire protection glazing at the pool area.

Landquart, CH

Würth Lagerhaus

Stick system facades with external sunprotection.

Domat /Ems, CH

Neubau Kulturzentrum

Glazed vertical lifting window at the ground floor. Glazed windows in upper floors.

St. Gallen, CH

Eissporthalle Lerchenfeld

Special glazing construction.

Flims, CH

Erweiterung Hapimag Vitget Alpin

Customized glazing constructions.